EVERY dog can be a CoffeeShop Dog™!

  • CoffeeShop Dogs™ are well-mannered and fun to be around.
  • They come when they’re called and return to their spot when asked.
  • They’re respectful around food and comfortable around other dogs.
  • And they wait patiently without barking for their owner’s return.


My dog knows how to come when called, but he only does it when he wants to.

CoffeeShop Dog™ Training

A unique training method for dogs of all ages.

Your dog can become a CoffeeShop Dog™… without the use of prong collars, shock collars or choke chains. We’ve been training dogs in Santa Barbara for almost 35 years. So even if your dog has developed some bad habits, we can help your dog get back on the right paw with our unique a reward-based training program.

Many owners take their new puppies to puppy class and still end up with an adolescent or adult dog that has behavioral problems or are simply not reliable for having good manners. We get calls almost every day from people who say… “My dog knows how to come when called, but he only does it when he wants to.”

Almost all dogs with behavior issues need to learn some impulse control. We’ll show you how you can teach and reinforce impulse control training every time you interact with your dog. Learn how CoffeeShop Dog™ training can be part of an effective, daily training program you can do together… and that can turn your dog into a true CoffeeShop Dog™!

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