What is Dog Boarding?

Some people bring their dogs when they plan trips or during extended stays, but for some trips that’s just not possible or even something a dog would want to do.

Pet owners board their dogs when they go on vacation and need a place for their dogs to stay happy, healthy, and safe during the day or overnight. Dog boarding services vary based on price but can be as basic as feeding and caging or cover things like outdoor play, medication, and grooming.

However, whether your dog needs a place to stay depends on the length of your time away, your dog’s comfortability, dog boarding nearby, and what you expect from your pet sitters.


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What’s included in dog boarding?

Dog boarding services can vary depending on the company or pet sitter you choose.

Depending on the dog boarding facility nearby, you could have your pooch’s basic needs met, kept safe in a kennel, or groomed and treated to a great weekend. Either way, every option will be set up to manage your furry friend. Here are some types of dog boarding available:

  • Dog boarding at home — Relying on a friend, family member, or contracted in-home boarding service, your dog can stay home and meet your dog’s basic needs while you’re away.
  • Dog boarding at a kennel — Sending your dog to a traditional kennel can make sure they don’t tear up your home or bother other pets while you’re away and during odd hours.
  • Dog boarding at a dog hotel or spa — Signing up your dog for an overnight stay at a nearby hotel or dog spa will return a happy dog. While you’re enjoying your vacation or holidays, your dog can be groomed, walked, and medicated with access to a free play area under close watch with professional dog supervisors.

Would your pet like dog boarding?

When figuring out how to care for your pet while you’re away, ask yourself about your pet’s needs and what’s best for them.

Is your dog easily riled up? Does your dog act territorial without you acting as a barrier? Does your dog have essential medications? Is your dog still learning to take potty breaks? These are natural tendencies dogs have, but dogs don’t like wetting their comfortable bed or spending time stressed and lonely.

Additionally, during holidays and longer trips, you don’t want to spend your quality time away wondering if your dog is being too rough with your neighbor down the street or is ripping up your couch pillows. Dog boarding working or traveling pet owners offers peace of mind.  

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Pet sitter vs. dog boarding

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Dog boarding has come a long way from the days in kennels or spaces that look like animal shelters.

Whether you want a pet sitter for home boarding or your pet to stay at a spa or dog hotel likely depends on what you want your dog to do while you’re away, and what will make them most comfortable.

Pet sitters

For some dog owners, pet sitters are the first things that come to mind when they think about leaving their dogs during a vacation.

Pet sitters are wonderful because they often reduce the variables for many people who aren’t comfortable with dog boarding. Pet sitters do home visits, walk your dog in their normal route, feed them the typical diet, and then leave the dogs at home all for a reasonable rate.

Some problems with this model are that there are still questions of animal loneliness, boredom, and safety that can invade some dog owner’s peace of mind.

Dog Boarding

A wide term, dog boarding can include many different types of care.

Dog boarding is different than pet sitters because the dogs are kept at a dog boarding facility designed for paws, fur, and slobber. Staff who are hired to work for dog boarding companies are often dog lovers themselves and wouldn’t have it any other way. There are many types of pet boarding that we’ll get into below.

There’s a wide variety of services out there — from basic kennels to premium spas that include grooming, walking, training, medications, and special diets. Not every dog is going to love the socialized environment, but even new dogs to pet boarding will benefit from supervised play with other dogs and people.

You can also inform staff about your dog’s needs, and they’ll keep an eye out for any behavioral or health concerns — some you might not even be aware of — and report them back to you for your benefit. 

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What Types of Dog Boarding Exist?

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Keep an eye out for these types of dog boarding:

Dog daycare

Some breeds of dogs just need constant play, interaction, and care. The doggy daycare model grew in popularity for folks who want their dogs to be cared for while their owners are at work.

Dog Kennels

Dog kennels often don’t provide as many benefits to the dogs. Instead, they prioritize keeping dogs safe in enclosed spaces or cages for oftentimes cheaper prices.

Pet Hotels

Pet hotels are the step up above dog kennels that provide overnight lodging for dogs with more care services available on-site.

Dog Spas

Dog spas are the premium option for your dogs, not only giving them overnight lodging and play but also providing grooming services to take care of their essential needs in customizable packages.

The costs are an obvious downside to dog boarding at a dog spa, but when you see your dog after being groomed, safely medicated, and played with as much as their heart desires, you may feel the cost is worth it.

Picking the right dog boarder

To pick the right dog boarder for you and your pet, make sure to investigate the services near you and please ask questions!

Dog boarding services cropped up to benefit dogs, and the staff only want what’s best for your pets. So feel free to ask about certifications, training, and policies. You’ll be surprised to know how much is out there to benefit your furry friend.

At Camp Canine, we offer doggie day camp, dog camp for overnight stays, and on-site spa and grooming included with your dog boarding. Camp Canine’s services come at customizable rates to fit your wallet and make sure your dog receives the best care for your peace of mind. 

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